How to contact Charles

Dr Charles Briscoe-Smith.
You're really a doctor?
Yep. I have a PhD in computer science.
Freelance computer consultant, technician, trainer, and anything else I can persuade people to pay me for.
Chosen Specialised Subject
Erm, uhh, this isn't supposed to be Mastermind, is it? Oh, all right: ``The Free Software Movement, 1992 to present.''
[ Image of my email addresses ]
Email is my preferred contact method. I've placed my addresses in the above image with the intention of foiling the address-harvesting robots which work for spammers. Of the addresses in the above image, any should work just as well as the others. However, all are delivered by slightly different means, so if one bounces, try another.
Please don't send me HTML-only emails, MS-Word documents or other such trash; it'll probably get tagged as spam by my spam-tagger, and I'll then probably delete it without reading it.
Voice phone
+44 (0)20 8542 0505 and ask for Charles. I don't have a mobile (cell) phone.
If you need to Fax me, email or phone me and ask for the number. You may find it easier to attach a scanned image to an email.
If you need to send me anything, contact me another way and ask for the address.
ICBM address
Just don't. :)

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