Debian advert

Here's a quick advert for Debian I slapped together when I got home late after going to see Richard Stallman talking about free software, and found email asking for such a thing.

It's A5 landscape, in colour. There are two versions here: same content, but different imposition. They are both in EPS format. The EPS formatting, however, was done by hand, as was the PostScript content, so it may not be perfect or as compatible as it could be.

Here's an A4 version:

And A4 version 2:

And the (hopefully final) A4 version 3:

If you have any problem with these, I can generate many other formats. Just ask, specifying the format you need.

I'm sure my choice of wording for the advert stinks, so if anyone wants to put better words in, simply fire up your favourite text editor, look at the end of the postscript file, and edit the bits in brackets. The text is positioned in a fairly obvious way by the coordinates at the beginnings of the lines. If you come up with better wording, let me know (send a patch if you like).

Charles Briscoe-Smith // Mon Jun 24 23:39:28 2002 GMT