Debian CD label artwork

I put together this artwork for the labels of the Debian GNU/Linux CDs I'm selling.

I started with the Debian official open-use logo in Encapsulated PostScript form, then used a text editor to strip out the bits I didn't need, positioned the components appropriately to fit the CD labels I'm using, moved a couple of splodges from just outside to just inside the spiral, tightened the bend in the "tail" of the spiral so that it didn't fall outside the label, rejigged the middle slightly, added the shaped white-out behind the logotype "Debian", and added the text.

[ CD label artwork preview ]

The inspiration for my design came from a very similar design used for the CDs sold by the Debian-UK crew at trade shows over the last few years, which is available here as debian-cd.*. Unfortunately, that artwork was done in a proprietary art package, and so was not really Free, apart from having some other shortcomings and being a little to "busy" for my tastes. My artwork can perhaps be considered a free reimplementation.

Since I started with Debian's official open use logo, my artwork inherits: copyright 1999 by Software in the Public Interest. It is also copyright 2002 by Charles Briscoe-Smith. You may use, copy, modify and redistribute it in accordance with the terms of the Debian Open Use Logo License.

If you want to customise the artwork, load it into your favourite text editor and edit the block of commented definitions near the top. There are options there for changing most of the obvious things. If that's not enough, you can either hack the (minimally commented) postscript or (ick, yeuck) load it into a vector art editor.

I sell Debian Official CD-Rs bearing artwork similar to this.

Charles Briscoe-Smith // Mon Oct 7 12:31:56 2002 GMT